New running shirts for the group are available. 

SFRLB running shirt options

As members tend to have their own choice of shirt (t-shirt/tank/sleeveless) as well as color and brand (Nike/Adidas/Target), we are trying a new approach: Each member will buy
their own preferred shirt
and we will get them printed together as a large batch.

The minimum print run is 40 shirts, at a cost of $12.5 per shirt.

You can choose the color of the logo to match the color of the shirt you got. 
If you want your shirt printed, please buy a shirt and with a safety pin,
put a piece of paper inside the collar with your name and color of the print.  

Once the count reaches close to 40, we will set a last date to pay and bring in the shirts and then we can provide a date when the shirts will be ready.

Shirts will be collected by Paul Holman on the weekly runs.

Click on "Contribute" below to pay ($12.5 X no. of shirts you want)

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