There will be days you don’t think you can run a marathon. There will be a lifetime off knowing you have.


Long Beach Marathon 2021 is on October 10th, 2021.
Marathon training begins in June.
The program’s long runs are on Saturdays at 7am.
The distances increase incrementally until the full and the half marathon distances with some tapering runs in between. The runs are based on the marathon course (as safely as it can be followed).

Please make sure to bring your own water and energy packs, especially as the days get hotter and the runs longer.

Download the training calendars below:

Long Beach Marathon runners

Local Favorite Races

January    Pasadena Half 5k, half
February  Surf City, Half
February  Firecracker, 10k
February  Race On the Base (Race Los Alamitos), 10k
March      LA marathon
March      Catalina,10k,5k
April    Seal Beach 5k, 10k
May       OC Marathon Full, Half
May       LB Pride Run, 10k
June      Wrigley River Run, 10k
June     LA Pride Run, 10k
July      SD Pride Run 5k
Labor dayConquer the Bridge
October  LB Marathon, Half
November  PS Pride Run
November  LB Turkey TrotLong Beach Turkey Trot5k, 10k
December Santa Speedo Run miles
December Holiday Half, half

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